Logistic in shopfitting

Means timely, complete and damage-free delivery and assembly in consultation with the Project Management and if appropriate with the end customer. The range of products in shopfitting is diverse. Therefore, a good working ERP system with an appropriate storage location management is necessary in the storage area.

The incoming goods inspection should include quantity and quality checks of received deliveries.

At this point the goods are checked for transport damage in order to claim a possible complaint from the carrier (supplier or shipper).

The securities for adoption is done using the accompanying documents, where the reception is accepted and which are used in the company as evidence for accumulating bills.


Construction cost management:

Managing the construction costs deals with controlling the compliance of cost objectives at any project phase as agreed in the contract and evaluates possible construction addendums during construction regarding their cost relevance in the context of the addendum management.  Among these are the given claims for fees of architects and specialist engineers involved in the construction.

Possible fault causes:

  •  inadequate construction planning and call for proposals performance of external engineers and architects
  • missing planning operation and agreements of the individual involved departments
  • deficient coordination and management of the people involved in the project
  • missing professional evaluation of the construction addendums (“money is always available“)
  • personal feelings of people involved in the project
  • violation of the 4-eye-principle
  • political decisions