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Recruitment Consultancy 3.0

Recruitment Consultancy 3.0 means, we are very well represented via our homepage (1.0) as well as in social networks (2.0)

3.0 implies that we know about the issues and needs of people working in the shopfitting industry very well (we comprehend the view of shopfitting customers, we realise the needs of people who work in the shopfitting industry), so that we are able to thoroughly search for and find the appropriate person for the appropriate organisation. Additionally we offer a unique analysis which provides detailed information on whether or not the vacancy is appropriate for the candidate and vice versa.

Summary: Recruitment Consultancy 3.0 = media exposure on the internet + profound expertise in shopfitting + significant analysis

Recruitment Consultancy Ladenbau in particular:

If you strive for successful shopfitting (Ladenbau) you require a well-coordinated team of well-experienced professionals. In addition to excellent skills and expertise, your management team needs to be highly motivated and requires a strong competitive spirit to be one step ahead of your business competitors at all times.

Modus operandi (Recruitment Consultancy 3.0)

The first step is to define the job specifications. Together with our customer we prepare a detailed profile in order to fill the vacant position according to the expectations of our customer. Only if the recruitment consultant possesses detailed information on what is important for his customer, he can successfully find the suitable candidate.

Your Advantages – our experience and contacts

Since 2011 Thomas Frey supports the shopfitting industry very successfully in finding suitable candidates for challenging duties. Between 2000 and 2010 Thomas Frey gained extensive expertise as an executive in shopfitting and therefore looks back on a very successful career as manager of an international acting group in the consumer goods industry. Moreover he was a long-term member in the dlv and established his reputation as “the shopfitting-consultant” within the last years. His wide professional experiences as recruitment consultant for shopfitting makes a competent and reliable partner for your company. His further qualification as NLP-Master and NLP-Trainer complete his academic and technical education.

The next career move – the thoughts and senses of recruitment consultants

When a recruitment consultant calls he offers a new professional possibility. Our view as consultants in this exemplary situation is the following: The candidate walks down a road, the recruitment consultant reveals a new road to walk on. After the job interview with the recruitment consultant the candidate finds himself in front of a road diversion and has to decide which way to go. Our approach as recruitment consultants is to help our candidates with professional advice, because the most important achievement for both the company and the candidate is not just any occupation, but the right occupation of a vacant position.