Corporate Management

sets the course for: 

  • the know-how in Planning, Project Management,  Production, Acquisition, Logistic and product quality to be continuously extended.
  • giving staff members the opportunity to consequently take part in further education.
  • achieving a good delivery quality and process transparency by using modern information technology.
  • working at optimal cost.
  • sticking to the service level agreed with the customer.
  • expanding the offer product portfolio, as far as it is strategical and/or economically reasonable.

A manager in shopfitting has to deal with many different people. There are “artists” who design creatively, there are “planners” who consider even the smallest detail, there are Project Managers who consider the slightest time deviation.

Staff members in shopfitting are responsible for different focuses. Designer, creatives, technicians, calculators, observer, quality conscious people, craftsmen, planner and IT specialists need to be reconciled. In addition, the variety of people on the customer side is as colourful and varied. The manager of a shopfitting company or an exhibition stand builder, or the area guarantor in charge of the expansion department therefore has to do with different sensitivities.