Expansion Manager

The Expansion Manager contributes to the sustainable development of a company. Usually this job is related to trade, i.e. retail; it is very seldom found in the producing business of an industry.

The preceding duty in Expansion Management is analysing the locations for acquisition or renting appropriate objects for the business.

Therefore, it is very important to identify with the enterprise, to continuously observe the market and the competitive environment and to realise the respective individual style and accordingly the recent trends.

In coordination with the management and via expertise of the Sales Department, the Expansion Management plans the use of new locations in a lively urban location or in infrastructural good surroundings (factory-) outlet centres (FOC), or the possible renting of areas in well frequented shopping centres, power centres or retail parks.

In the process the Expansion Manager considers site development of new areas via profitability checks and predicted sales expectations, where the buying power of a city or region as well as the cultural background (among many more factors) play an important role.

When organising building activities and/or committing to rental premises you equally determine investment costs in coordination with the management and have the decisive responsibility for sticking to budgets and costs.  For already existing objects negotiations with owners, landlords, estate agents and investors are included until the contracts are ready to be signed. An entire new building of a retail or wholesale object may be included for Expansion Managers as well. In the case of new buildings for retail or wholesale objects Expansion Managers discuss and agree with building and planning authorities, specialized departments, developers, building departments, architects and so on. Therefore, the ability to negotiate rental agreements and bids is essential.

Summary of the duties in the field of expansion:

  • Ensuring site-specific market value calculation and evaluation of commercial properties
  • Carrying out the examination and prequalification of real estate offers and the evaluation of exposés
  • Ensuring expansion and intensification of the real estate business
  • Maintaining contacts with architects, developers and construction authorities nationwide in any relevant municipality and public administration
  • Ensuring the procurement of various services, such as commissioning, monitoring and accounting of repair and maintenance services incl. the supply, maintenance and service contracts and supervising the respective rental arrangements
  • Ensuring the annual profitability planning and ensuring the agreed budgets
  • Regular inspection of the properties
  • Maintaining contacts with estate agents, real estate sellers, centre operators and owners
  • Initiation, supervision and approval of repair and maintenance services
  • Professional and strategic support of the departments construction management and contract management, in order to take account of legal regulations
  • Carry and maintain all commercial property contract data
  • General correspondence and support of portfolio controlling
  • Obtaining of licenses, considering the respective necessary building regulations for the planned structural changes to the existing properties
  • Ensure the content and formal control of development plan procedures and other planning procedures if necessary, taking into account the necessary urban design concepts
  • Participation in compiling statements and filing appeals as well as for implementing or supervision of administrative procedures.
  • Supervision and negotiation of existing rental agreements
  • Creation of qualified object evaluation documents on the basis of detailed site analysis
  • Ensuring the acquisition and negotiation of contracts and the implementation of objective contract reviews
  • Ensuring the enterprise-wide estate strategy while respecting modernisation projects