Values Structure Analysis

Values determine individual behaviour in different situations and control (often) unknowingly the way of lifestyle. Values are therefore personal ideas that define the good way of living and control how to act properly.

The cooperation of employees requires orientation, assurance and security, without which the corporate success will resign on the long run. Every group of people that works and lives together develops a common idea of what is right. Values pronounce these ideas and offer orientation in everyday life for all group members.
The participant is getting things straight regarding which values are most important in the professional context. Due to this knowledge he gets the opportunity to gain self-awareness and will find assertions for questions on how differently the individual effectivity works in diverse situations.

Work style indicator analysis

The individual mode of operation is affected by personal likings and experiences. Hence, individual preferences of labour managing emerge. These individual preferences and characteristics to managing tasks lead to individual work styles. The participant is informed about which inherent and educated characteristics are fundamental for the task management in the professional context. The view is on the inner values. These information gives him the opportunity to better distinguish his own work style and therefore be conscious on why the solutions of some tasks and actions are easier than others.


“There is no universal recipe for management, it is all up to the respective situation.“ Managing first and foremost means ensuring that the team identifies with the goals and the areas of the company and enjoy improving the results. It deals with bringing the given potentials on the market to make them effective.
Management aspects (Making | Thinking | Directing) vary in their distinctiveness from one executive to another. This inner logic guiding their actions, how managers evaluate and react to their environment, which strategies are used in the task management, how the members of staff can be inspired – it all depends on which type of manager the respective executive is.