Corporate Management

sets the course for: 

  • the know-how in Planning, Project Management,  Production, Acquisition, Logistic and product quality to be continuously extended.
  • giving staff members the opportunity to consequently take part in further education.
  • achieving a good delivery quality and process transparency by using modern information technology.
  • working at optimal cost.
  • sticking to the service level agreed with the customer.
  • expanding the offer product portfolio, as far as it is strategical and/or economically reasonable.

A manager in shopfitting has to deal with many different people. There are “artists” who design creatively, there are “planners” who consider even the smallest detail, there are Project Managers who consider the slightest time deviation.

Staff members in shopfitting are responsible for different focuses. Designer, creatives, technicians, calculators, observer, quality conscious people, craftsmen, planner and IT specialists need to be reconciled. In addition, the variety of people on the customer side is as colourful and varied. The manager of a shopfitting company or an exhibition stand builder, or the area guarantor in charge of the expansion department therefore has to do with different sensitivities.

Quality Control

Usage of a process oriented quality-, security- and environment management system.

This has to be reviewed by certification companies in terms of the effectiveness, to detect weak points and initiate necessary procedures.

Developing and monitoring quality guidelines, which provide the basis for development and construction and support the processing of complaints.

Developing and monitoring quality key data/benchmarks to determine action limits.

Ensuring the systematic recording of product or process errors from in-house test- and field evaluation and securing necessary methods of disposal. Considering that the different manufacturing processes and materials have to be respected. The QA is the factor which often causes delays between the supply of goods and the timely dispatch of them.

Among the key responsibilities are:

  • Determination of product quality specifications in cooperation with relevant departments
  • Ensuring goods receipt and goods issued checks through documentation
  • Ensuring required product qualities in the manufacturing process
  • Responsible for resolving reasons of product defects
  • Assistance with regard to deciding application styles in product / quality defects
  • Destruction
  • Re-use
  • Second hand goods
  • Instigation of delivery blocking for severe defects. Blocking of production processes for severe quality deficits.
  • Jointly responsible for defining packaging criteria
  • Conduction of supplier visits for the purpose of ensuring the required product quality
  • Responsible for implementing and maintaining statistics which permit a meaningful result of QA relevant data

Human Resources

Staff members are a significant potential of the company, but more than that, the strategic important positions are occupied by the best possible staff members who work according to defined common objectives. The members of staff are supported by company specific staff development systems.

Selected key tasks are transferred to project groups with decision taking and profit responsibility.